Product iQ

Product iQ™ is a proprietary Azure and Power BI cloud application that provides your leadership with visibility into product-level sales performance.

It allows executives to view the big picture in addition to quickly drilling into transaction-level sales by product.

We utilize Product iQ to baseline your product performance and isolate the impact of new product introduction—are you realizing growth or cannibalizing existing products in your portfolio?

Product Performance Challenges

  • Product leadership teams create their own performance reports without the ability to aggregate across product lines
  • Data volume constraints within excel
  • Inability to baseline and continuously track performance against the baseline
  • Promotions and incentives are established and not actively measured against goals


  • Scalable decision platform 
  • Baseline performance in order to track against the baseline
  • Clear view of performance with the ability to continuously monitor 
  • Develop incentives which correlate to performance
  • Manage product life-cycle, price and incentives more effectively and proactively

Our Solution

  • Benchmarking and segmentation
  • Scalable
  • Consistent Data Model
  • Cost-Effective 
  • Easily understood method
  • Quarterly performance reviews

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