Go-To-Market Strategy

Innovative go-to-market (GTM) strategies start with an honest evaluation of where you are today and where you need to go.

However, typical GTM strategies fall prey to subjective intuition, previous experience, or leader preferences of who they would like to be, rather than a fact-based assessment of where they are.

A solid go-to-market strategy has six major elements, and mistakenly applying intuition across any of these can cause blind spots which keep you from seeing the road ahead.

Embracing fact-based vision provides clarity regarding where you are and where you need to be. However, the facts may point to uncomfortable truths.

Six Elements of a Focused Go-To-Market Strategy

At Clear iQ, we help you navigate the six elements below with guiding principles to overcome common pitfalls developed over decades of experience with organizations just like yours.

Go-To-Market Strategy


Pitfall: Believing you are special when you are not

Guiding Principle: Understand the value your product brings to the market


Pitfall: Failing to understand who you are competing against and where demand is heading

Guiding Principle: Understand competitor capabilities, your capabilities, and market direction


Pitfall: Not grasping value and USPs (unique selling propositions) for your products and services

Guiding Principle: Provide consistent pricing and value methodologies


Pitfall: Concentrating on building where you are winning (top-10 customer focus)

Guiding Principle: Balance focus on both existing customers and expansion in breadth and depth of customer base


Pitfall: Incentivizing different behaviors than we expect

Guiding Principle: Use promotions to isolate key behaviors and learn which customers respond to specific levers

Supply Chain

Pitfall: Discounting the importance of availability

Guiding Principle: Coordinate promotions and growth with supply chain capability

Clear iQ’s Go-To-Market Strategy Approach

A multi-dimensional approach to building your go-to-market strategy leads to a clear strategic vision and roadmap for steady growth.

We specialize in helping you build your go-to-market strategy with a clear strategic vision and roadmap for steady growth. To accomplish this, we:

  • Evaluate your place in the market and that of your competitors using fact-based criteria, reducing objective guesses
  • Use benchmarketing principles to evaluate success and opportunities
  • Segment your products and customers by their actual selling and buying behavior
  • Conduct scripted voice-of-the-customer interviews with customers, channel partners, and internal stakeholders

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